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Manabou! Nihongo Shokyu Vol. 1/学ぼう! にほんご Vol. 1

Manabou! Nihongo Shokyu Vol. 1 PDF,MP3

Manabo! Manabou! Nihongo Vol. 1
学ぼう! にほんご 初級1 テキスト (日本語能力試験N5/日本語NAT-TEST5級対応)

Series Manabou! Nihongo is designed to prepare students for all levels of Noryoku Shiken, from N5 to N1, which are immediately indicated on both sides of the cover. The presentation of the material is done in the usual manner of most of these series: showing the grammars of the lesson, practicing exercises for each of them, a small written task and dialogue.
The first two parts (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) are structurally, albeit in a different order, roughly similar to Minna no Nihongo. In some places, these coincidences suggest interesting thoughts. There will be torn packages, and broken windows, and torn off buttons with fallen trees; a dog will surely bite someone’s hand; there is a character who can see the sea from the window, and how can you do without a doctor with a healing parting word 「お 大事 に」
Continuity from one level to the next, full-color illustrations, logical presentation of the material – this is not a complete list of the advantages of these books. Separately, it should be noted the modern vocabulary, which abounds in this series .





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Series:学ぼう! にほんご
Level: 1















Manabou! Nihongo Shokyu Vol. 1 PDF,MP3















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