New Inside Out Intermediate: Workbook

New Inside Out Intermediate – is the fourth stage of the course and corresponds to the international level B1. At this level cover such grammatical rules, such as: prepositions of place, time, modal verbs, indirect speech, dynamic and static verbs stable combinations of verbs and verbal forms, words and phrases to express the amount of interrogative forms, times Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, Past Perfect.

The training modules presented vocabulary on different themes: friendship, sports, family, relationships, holidays, taste, travel, books, movies, childhood, age, clothing. This level of practiced skills of perception of direct speech on hearing, for example: “Three people talking about experiences”, “An interview with a person who has eaten some unusual food”, “A news bulletin”, “Conversation between a woman and a man about age “,” Four people talking about their favorite clothes “and so on.

New Inside Out – one of the most popular courses for adults in Russia – combines the latest achievements of the theory and practice of English language teaching and implementing student-centered approach to learning.


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