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New Real TOEIC – Actual Test for Reading Comprehension

It has been more than one year since the first release of our Real TOEIC title and we have received very positive feedback from our readers, saying they find the book very helpful and totally different from other titles available on the market. This New Real TOEIC with improved features is designed to be your companion on the road of conquering the TOEIC test.


Format: PDF
Size: 37 MB


2 thoughts on “New Real TOEIC – Actual Test for Reading Comprehension”

  1. thanks isabella but this is not about the new toeic but the old! There is a new Toeic since 2018. The only book I found and it would be great if someone had it to share in a drive is the hachette official collection (bible officielle du test toeic, vocabulaire & grammaire TOEIC, test officiel TOEIC). I’m desperately looking for those books. Can you help?

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