Primetime Proverbs: the Book of TV Quotes

As far as we know, this is trie first time anyone has put together a volume of general TV quotes—rather surprising, considering how popular television is, and how many other collections of quotes have made it into print.

Maybe people assume there’s nothing on television worth quoting.

Well, there is But you have to watch a lot of TV to find it. Hidden somewhere between inane sitcom jokes and “slam-bang” action is the subtle glue that holds television programs together—bits of wisdom … poignant comments about life … even political satire.

It was our mission—once we chose to accept it—to find these nuggets.

Now, after a bleary-eyed year of extracting, sorting, categorizing, and transcribing quotes, we emerge from our total TV immersion with 1,000+ examples of primetime platitudes, proverbs, parables, and commentary—secure in the knowledge that the world will be a better, wiser place for our efforts…


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