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simple English for presentations

simple English for presentations PDF
simple English for presentations


A simple information on how you can make a presentation in English, meant for audio system of English as a second language. Provides tips about how you can construction presentations and how you can keep away from widespread pitfalls. Additionally offers helpful phrases in English for greeting your viewers, giving an outline of the presentation, introducing and shutting subjects, paraphrasing and summarising factors, concluding and asking for questions, and so on.
Making a presentation in English
What makes a superb presentation
Presentation construction
Introduction to presentation
Examples of longer openings
Giving an outline of your presentation
Important presentation
Introducing a subject
Drawing consideration to one thing
Ending a bit
Beginning a brand new part
Analysing a particular level
Giving examples
Paraphrasing and clarifying
Summarising and concluding
Thanking your viewers
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