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Solutions Pre-Intermediate – Video (3rd Edition)

Solutions Pre-Intermediate – Video (3rd Edition) MP4

Solutions Pre-Intermediate – Video (3rd Edition)

The Student’s Book and Online Practice can be used alongside each other to keep students of all abilities fully engaged and motivated. The Solutions Student’s Book is packed full of interesting content. Each unit consists of eight lessons, all of which focus on a particular skill, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. The Online Practice component of Solutions offers an array of digital resources; videos, vlogs and interactive elements in order to bring the topics to life. Students can gain instant feedback and marking in order to track their progress and can use the online element in the classroom or on the move.






Format: MP4
Size: 367 MB
Series: Solutions
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Edition: 3rd Edition
Date: 2018











Solutions Pre-Intermediate – Video (3rd Edition)





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