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Straightforward Advanced Teacher’s Book 2nd edition

Straightforward Advanced Teacher’s Book 2nd edition PDF

Straightforward Advanced Teacher's Book 2nd edition

A multi-level English course for adults and students, harmoniously combining traditional and modern methods of teaching foreign languages.
Straightforward is distinguished by a simple and clear construction of the material, diverse and interesting topics, pragmatism in the methodology.
Distinctive features of the course:
– exercises and exercises simulate real communication situations in the lesson
-Each lesson is presented on one spread of the book
-balanced approach to the formation of language skills and the development of speech skills
Exercises for the development of fluency in students
– Genre and fascinating texts that enhance students’ motivation
-systematic work on the formation of lexical skills, contributing to the enrichment of the vocabulary of students
-sections of the textbook containing assignments for functional vocabulary
– A variety of cultural information necessary for successful intercultural communication.














Format: PDF
Size: 35 MB
Series: Straightforward
Level: Advanced
Edition: 2nd Edition
Date: 2013













Straightforward Advanced Teacher’s Book 2nd edition


















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