Activities For The Language Classroom

Activities for the Language Classroom contains over 100 activities to help your students become better English users. We have organised these activities into two main sections:

Skills-focused Activities, which looks at ways to improve students’ reading, listening, writing and speaking. There are sub-sections with activities you can do before and after these tasks.

Language-focused Activities, covering activities you can do to focus on a specific vocabulary set. grammar structure or pronunciation point. All these activities can be used to teach a variety of topics or structures.

The activities we have selected for this book were chosen because:

► they all have clear language learning outcomes

► they have been used successfully by teachers who work with Myanmar students

► they don’t have complicated instructions

► they don’t use materials that are difficult to find. You can do all these activities without electricity, a computer or a photocopier. All you need is a board, pens and paper. Some listening activities require a cassette or CD player and cassette or CD. but with most you can read the text aloud yourself.


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