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English File Elementary Teacher’s Guide (4th Edition)

English File Elementary Teacher’s Guide (4th Edition) 
English File Elementary Teacher’s Guide (4th Edition)

English File’s unique, lively and enjoyable lessons come new to help students talking.

In fact, 90% of English File teachers we surveyed in our Oxford Impact Study found that the course improves students’ speaking skills






Size:4.13 MB
Series: English File
Level: Elementary
Edition:4th Edition
Date: 2019





English File Elementary Teacher’s Guide (4th Edition)








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11 thoughts on “English File Elementary Teacher’s Guide (4th Edition)”

  1. Hi, I was wondering were to find the photocopiable activities.. In the 3rd edition they used to be in the teachers book, but now there’s nothing. Any advice?

  2. Good afternoon,

    I would need to know if you have all the books of the English File 4th. English File Edition

    Beginner (A1)
    Elementary (A1/A2)
    Pre Intermediate (A2/B1)
    Intermediate (B1)
    Upper Advance

  3. Hola a todos..
    Este libro no es el Workbooks.. si no el teachers guide…
    por favor necesito A1A2 workbook si alguien lo consigue o alguien lo encuentra en Formato PDF.. que coloque el link aquí.. o al menos donde localizarlo.. muchas gracias…

  4. Hello!!

    I need this book:

    english file 4th edition a1/a2. student’s book and workbook without key pack

    Can you help me? Do you have pdf link?


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