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English File Elementary Class Video DVD (4th Edition)

English File Elementary Class Video DVD (4th Edition)

English File Elementary Class Video DVD (4th Edition)

How will English File get your student’s talking?

Lessons and activities that provide the necessary language, motivation and opportunity for students to talk with confidence.

Learners build confidence to communicate with a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Skills Development in every File.

Teachers and students have access to all their English File resources – video, audio, worksheets and much more – in one easy to manage place.

*The English File Oxford Impact Study was conducted in January and February 2018. Oxford Impact is how Oxford University Press evaluates its educational products and services so that teachers and learners can be sure that our resources make a positive difference.








Size:570 MB
Series:English File
Edition:4th edition
Date: 2018







  • Listening_Video
  • Practical_English_Video
  • Revise_&_Check_Video








English File Elementary Class Video DVD (4th Edition)











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  1. Hi, when i try to download the file, it says I cannot do it unless I register. Could you help please?
    Also, do you have the Intermediate-Plus, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced St, WB and teacher´s available?
    Thanks a lot

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