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ESL Classroom Games: 180 Educational Games and Activities for Teaching ESL/EFL Students

It\’s time to make teaching and learning English both fun and engaging again. Be a successful and effective teacher with ESL Classroom Games that is jam-packed with 180 challenging English language games and activities.
The book features a wide variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening games and activities which are suitable for teen and adult learners alike. With focus on warm-up, repetition and drilling, team-based, spelling and grammar, speaking and pronunciation, memory and concentration, turn-based and one-on-one games.
It\’s broken down into games for beginner, intermediate and advanced students which are designed to improve students\’ motivation, confidence, enjoyment, language retention and get better results. And the best part is that whilst the students are happily focusing on playing; you can drill them with as much vocabulary and grammar as you like without them realising just how much they are learning.
Do you want to increase the level of student involvement? Well now you can boost the energy of your classroom and get all of the students participating and speaking, even the more shy ones. Every teacher knows that students are prone to forget everything that you taught them in the previous lesson and how frustrating that can be. With this book you won\’t have to worry about your teachings going in one ear and out the other because it solves that issue by making learning, drilling and repetition fun.
With assistance and feedback from a variety of experienced English teachers, Andrew William has put together an excellent collection of ESL games for the classroom that has already received a great deal of acclaim from schools around the world.
A lifesaver?
Additionally, this book will enable you as the teacher to ease the pressure of a busy schedule and eliminate planning those pesky lesson plans during your next lunch break by using this activity-filled resource. Save time planning, free up your own time and preserve your energy for the classroom. After all, this is where you do what you do best and where you will benefit the students most.
Here is what you will get from this book:
Easier, quicker lesson planning180 fun language games and activities for learning EnglishAssistance with enhancing students\’ confidence and motivationGames for reading, writing, speaking and listeningMake learning funReady-to-use classroom management strategies and activitiesIncrease your popularity and relationship with your studentsAnd much, much more!
Read on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, Kindle device or buy it on paperback.

Format: azw
Size: 483 KB
Date: 2017
Series: ESL Teaching Series (Book 1)


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