Speakout B1+ Workbook with Audio 3rd edition

Speakout B1+ Workbook with Audio 3rd Edition PDF,MP3 download

Speakout B1+ Workbook with Audio 3rd Edition

Speakout B1+ Workbook with Audio 3rd Edition PDF,MP3

Speakout 3rd Edition is an essential course for educators who want comprehensive coverage of all four language skills, with a strong emphasis on building learners’ speaking confidence. This edition results from extensive research with users of Speakout 2nd Edition worldwide. While maintaining the proven methodology of the previous series, Speakout 3rd Edition introduces 100% new content, a revised syllabus aligned with the Global Scale of English, and a fresh new design and layout.

Key features of Speakout 3rd Edition include:

  1. Enhanced Digital Environment: Firstly, the course offers greater flexibility for both online and hybrid learning environments. Specifically, all activities from the eBook and Online Practice are integrated into a gradebook, allowing for seamless tracking and assessment.
  2. Innovative Speech Recognition Technology: Additionally, this feature enables learners to engage in out-of-class speaking practice and receive immediate feedback, promoting continuous improvement in speaking skills.
  3. Sound and Spelling Lessons (A1 Level): For beginners, dedicated lessons focus on sound recognition, pronunciation, and writing skills. As a result, learners can establish a strong foundation in these essential areas from the start.
  4. Integrated Skills for Employability (from A2 Level): Furthermore, the course includes mediation lessons and future skills training, preparing learners for the changing demands of the global job market. Consequently, students acquire practical skills that enhance their employability.
  5. Revised Syllabus: Moreover, the updated curriculum is based on the Global Scale of English, ensuring that learners receive a contemporary and relevant education. This alignment guarantees that the material meets the needs of modern language learners.

In summary, Speakout 3rd Edition combines traditional teaching methods with innovative technological advancements, providing a comprehensive and flexible learning experience tailored to today’s language learners. Therefore, it is the go-to resource for teachers and students aiming for excellence in language acquisition. Ultimately, its rich features and updated content make it an invaluable tool for achieving language proficiency and confidence.




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Speakout B1+ Workbook with Audio 3rd Edition PDF,MP3



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