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The Phonology and Morphology of Arabic

 The Phonology and Morphology of Arabic
The Phonology and Morphology of Arabic

This e book is the primary complete account of the phonology and morphology of Arabic. It’s a pioneering work of scholarship, primarily based on the writer’s analysis within the area.
Arabic is a Semitic language spoken by some 250 million folks in an space stretching from Morocco within the West to components of Iran within the East.
Other than its nice intrinsic curiosity, the significance of the language for phonological and morphological concept lies, because the writer reveals, in its wealthy root-and-pattern morphology and its massive set of guttural consonants. Dr Watson focuses on two jap dialects, Cairene and San’ani.
Cairene is typical of a complicated city Mediterranean dialect and has a
cultural significance all through the Arab world; it is usually the variability realized by most overseas audio system of Arabic. San’ani, spoken in Yemen, is consultant of a conservative peninsula dialect. As well as the e book makes in depth reference to different dialects in addition to to classical and Trendy
Customary Arabic.

The quantity opens with an outline of the historical past and sorts of Arabic, and of the research of phonology throughout the Arab linguistic custom.
Successive chapters then cowl dialectal variations and similarities, and the place of Arabic inside Semitic; the phoneme system and the illustration of phonological options; the syllable and syllabification; phrase stress; derivational morphology; inflectional morphology; lexical phonology; and post-lexical phonology. The Phonology and
Morphology of Arabic shall be of nice curiosity to Arabists and comparative Semiticists, in addition to to phonologists, morphologists, and linguists extra typically.


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The Phonology and Morphology of Arabic


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