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Wider World Starter: Student’s Book

Wider World Starter: Student’s Book PDF

Wider World Starter: Student's Book

Wider World Starter SB pdf

The Wider World Starter Students’ Book is the first step of a unique course for teens, developed in collaboration with the BBC media giant.

Thanks to the following topics, students will be able to master and consolidate their conversational English skills:

relationships with family, friends and school life;
lifestyle, food and favorite foods;
music, sports and scientific progress;
travel and the diversity of the world.

Combining authentic and engaging BBC videos with the Pearson ELT experience gives teenage students everything they need to achieve their goals! This tutorial is the key to new and exciting knowledge!










  • Wider World Starter SB.pdf 11.00 MB











Size: 11.00 MB
Series:Wider World
Date: 2017









Wider World Starter: Student’s Book



















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